Eisteddfod Entry Form

I don't have a Credit Card, can I still use the entry form?

Yes ! You can use the form, then select either Direct Debit or Cheque payment options.

What to expect when completing the entry form

You will need to complete the following information screens to complete your entry. From start to finish, it should only take you about 5 minutes (assuming that you already know which sections you want to enter).

1. Your contact information and Competitor information (up to 5 competitors can be entered on the same form) for solos only.

2. Select the eisteddfod (from a drop-down list) you wish to enter.

3. Choose your sections (from a drop-down list). Please check this information carefully as you select them.

4. See a confirmation screen. Please carefully review all details presented as once you go to the payment screens, you cannot change your entries.

5. You can amend any incorrect details.

6. Check the boxes to agree with the terms and conditions, and choose your payment method.

7. If you choose to pay with credit card, a secure payment screen will be presented. Otherwise, a screen with payment instructions will be shown.

8. You will receive confirmation emails with your entry details and payment details once payment is completed.

That's it - your entry is complete. All details are collected at the end of the entry period and passed to the eisteddfod committee for programming - enjoy the eisteddfod that you have entered.

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