Fundraising Ideas and thoughts

Here are some of the fundraising ideas that we have used with our own endeavours and thought that we would share our favourites with you.

Cookie Dough

The newest and most exciting product available for fundraising will very quickly become your highest earner. So be one of the first to easily raise lots of money and also make some families very happy. Billy G doesn't sell his cookie dough in retail stores which ensures that you maximise your sales and therefore profits.
Your families can only purchase Billy G's cookie dough through your fundraiser.

Link to website for more information.

Cards for all occasions

These are great for a change from food products. Great value and can be purchased as gifts.

Link to website for more information.

Cadbury chocolates

An oldie but a goodie, chocolates almost sell themselves. Must say though, that it is harder to sell these since the price went from $1 to $1.20.

Link to website for more information.

Trivia nights

Can be heaps of fun and you can even buy question packs these days to make it even easier. Combine your trivia rounds with toss-a-coin games and heads n tails to add to the fun.

Studio and Family Photography

Use our photographer's directory to locate a photographer who will come to your studio or local park and create an easy fundraiser.

*** Got an idea that has worked for you?

Let us know about fundraising that has worked for you and your friends... Send us a story and we will publish them on this page.