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Music School - Example, est. 2006
Principal/s: Mr Lyrical
Postal Address: PO Box 111, Music Town, NSW, 1111.
Phone: 00006666000, 00022220000
Overview: This is an example of how your business listing may look. You may be a
music or singing teacher, music school or music academy. Here you have up
to 500 charcters describing your business and the services you provide. For
under $100 dollars a year an affordable way to reach new customers from
music performance communitees all round Australia.
Tuition in: This is where you have 250 characters to list the instruments and styles of
music taught at your school eg. singing, pop, classical, jazz, violin,
viola, piano, guitar, clarinet, saxophone, flute,and music theory
Syllabus: This is where you have 150 characters to list the type of accredation you
have or syllabus you offer eg. AMEB, TRINITY, ABRSM, ANZCA

Studio Addresses:
Studio 1: 1 Lyrical Place, Music Town, NSW, 1111. Phone:00006666000
Studio 2: 2 Melody Lane, Concertoville, Vic, 1010. Phone:00000444400
Studio 3: 3 Treble Crescent, Pitchston, Qld, 1212. Phone:00000099989
Studio 4: 4 Baratone Street, Vibrato Valley, WA, 1515. Phone:00000777000

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