What is the sandpit?

The sandpit is a fully-functional copy of our online entry form, provided so that Eisteddfod Committees can evaluate the form for themselves, before making a decision, whilst protecting our existing clients from accidental entries...

Why do we provide a sandpit?

We believe that if you try the entry form for yourself, you will understand just how easy it is to use. Your committee can then easily decide whether the edance online entry form is right for you.

Is it different to the "real" form?

No, it functions in exactly the same manner as the "real" form except for the Credit Card payment screen (which will not process any payments for your protection)...

Why use eDance Australia's online form - can't I just build my own?

The eDance online entry form is a purpose built database and entry form, especially for Eisteddfods. It is easy to use for your participants and offering a secure Credit Card payment facility.

The entry form is environmentally friendly (saving reems of paper forms), it is also cost efficient for your Eisteddfod (you do not need to worry about bank fees, merchant facilities, maintenance of the form and details). It also builds potential entrants for you as they will see your eisteddfod when they visit to enter other eisteddfods that are registered with us. It is also a fully tried and tested entry method with other eisteddfods already using the form.

Like what you see - would you like to try it for yourself?

Please email us at enquiries@edance.com.au
We will provide you with a temporary id and password, for the evaluation period.

Already have the id and password?

Click here to start your trial....